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Interaction Design in The Wild

by Sofia von Hauske

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‘Interaction Design in The Wild’ is an Interaction Design (IxD) course from the lens of wildlife and their sensory phenomena. Throughout the course, we look at sensory systems of various animals ranging from bats, bees, sharks and more. What would it be like to experience magnetic fields like a migratory bird, or to find your way like a bat? What if, like the polar bear, you could smell something that was 20 miles away? We draw a parallel in the human world and build devices with two primary aims: i) to understand and connect with wildlife, ii) to augment and build new dimensional experiences for humans

The fundamentals of Human-Centered Design provide us with a framework to develop solutions by involving human in all aspects of problem solving. But what if the users of technologies were not humans? How would we design interfaces meant for mental health stimulation of animals? By learning radically different sensory experiences and dialogues from animals, could we also design novel interfaces for humans?

  1. Empathy Machine

  2. Fox Enrichment Proposal I

  3. Fox Enrichment Proposal II

  4. Fox Enrichment Prototype

  5. Final Proposals

  6. Final Project: Week I

  7. Final Project: Week II

  8. Final Project: Week III

  9. Final Project: Week IV

  10. Luncher: Final Project

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