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26 February 2019

Fox Enrichment Prototype

by Sofia von Hauske Valtierra

This machine is a preybot that tries to mimic the fleeing upward behavior of a fox’s arboreal prey. These type of prey consists of birds and tree squirrels, which have high visual acuity. The idea with this machine is to encourage hunting behaviors in foxes. The device lowers food to the ground, making it seem attractive, like a bird or squirrel that is on the ground in a vulnerable position. The machine has a motion sensor that can detect when the fox is getting close, just like a bird can detect it with their eyes. When hunting this type of prey, foxes stalk their prey in a deeply crouched posture and then try to catch the animal in a dashing run. The fox needs to practice this technique to be able to avoid the motion sensor, and it has to be fast enough to catch the food before that happens. If the motion sensor senses the fox, it’ll automatically pull the food up, like a bird fleeing upwards.


Bodystorming Video

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