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28 April 2019

Final Project: Week IV

by Sofia von Hauske Valtierra

Changes From Last Week

My last week’s launching mechanism was getting the treat to where I wanted. It was a 3.5” long arm attached to a servo that would catch the treat from the dispenser and then rotate 90 degrees to try to launch it, but because of the length of the arm and the speed of the servo, it didn’t go too far.

Final 154

I tried elongating the arm, but without changing the dimensions of the device, I could only add about 1” to the lenght of it, and that did not have a big effect on how far the treat could be launched.




I decided to try out a different mechanism that would work more like a slingshot.

Final 500

Final 501

Final 504

Final 502

Final 503

Preliminary Video

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